Re-Framing B2B Sales - Brent Adamson - Coach2Scale - Episode # 025

Today’s guest is an influential thought leader, researcher, author, and advisor. Brent Adamson is the Co-Author of the best-selling book, The Challenger Sale along with The Challenger Customer. Brent and Host Matt Benelli discuss how to commit to coaching by making the time, what coaching really means, and why being supplier-agnostic is more important than being customer-centric.

  • Although time is often cited as a reason for not coaching, this is reflexive. Coaching is a necessity for improved sales performance and higher engagement, especially among the core performers.
  •  The impact of coaching varies with the performance level of the individuals being coached. Core performers show the most significant performance improvement as a result of effective coaching, while top performers evidence greater engagement. Care should be taken to further coach low performers on possible performance obstacles.
  •  The most effective way to boost sales lies not in changing buyers’ opinions about the company, but in enhancing their confidence in their decision-making process.
  •  Empathy and humility are imperative to effective leadership and coaching. This human-centered approach to management allows for more effective coaching and an increased level of trust between managers and their team members.
  • The concept of "Frame Making" helps customers make sense of all the information coming at them. Instead of just providing more insights or content, the focus should be on helping the customers fit all the information into a clear, holistic view that can guide their decisions.
  • The most effective sales approach is not to focus on how customers see the suppliers but lets the customer make decisions that work best for them. It's about leading to the supplier, not with the supplier.

Quote of the Show:
  • “We're all just humans” - Brent Adamson


  • Linda Richardson
  • Matt Dixon
  • Ted McKenna
  • The Jolt Effect
  • Hank Barnes

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Re-Framing B2B Sales - Brent Adamson - Coach2Scale - Episode # 025
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