Managing With A Growth Mindset - Steve Goldberg - Coach2Scale - Episode # 023

Today’s guest is a longtime sales leader who has led teams at companies like Yext, Fuze, and Steve Goldberg is the CRO of Salesloft and a Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital. Steve joins Host Matt Benelli to discuss why having a growth mindset matters,  the importance of getting bad news early, and the difference between “listening for” and “listening against.”

  • For sales reps to be successful in the changing market of technology, it's crucial to adopt a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Acknowledge changes, learn, and adapt to new sales processes, technologies, and customer engagement methods. 
  • Getting the right executive involved in a deal can significantly impact the outcome. However, it should be mapped with the right strategy and timing, considering the customer's journey with your organization. 
  • Sharing timely updates, whether good or bad, is crucial in sales. Late bad news can prevent you from taking helpful measures and can lead to surprising turns in the sales process. Communicating openly can save deals and customer relationships. 
  • Provide coaching and guidance to salespeople based on their strengths. Let salespeople be themselves while steering them gently toward better performance. Building a great sales team involves guiding them, not dictating how they should perform their job. 
  • Change should be perceived as an opportunity to grow and learn. The first step is acknowledging the change, the next is equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to work it to your advantage. 
  •  Even though AI is taking over many routine tasks, it should be seen as a helping tool that makes the sales process more efficient and effective rather than a threat. AI can aid in making salespeople smarter, providing data insights to help maintain a more informed conversation with customers.

Quote of the Show:
  • “A strong manager needs to be able to coach the seller on how to do all the right things before the meeting and after the meeting.” - Steve Goldberg


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Managing With A Growth Mindset - Steve Goldberg - Coach2Scale - Episode # 023
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