Decide on the D Players - Channing Ferrer - Coach2Scale - Episode # 027

Today’s guest has extensive experience developing and growing international teams, and implementing processes & systems across global technology companies. He has helped both start-up and mature organizations to scale. Channing Ferrer is the Chief Sales Officer at Semrush and a Limited Partner at Stage2 Capital. Channing joins Host Matt Benelli to delve into coaching and leading salespeople, discuss the role of AI in sales, consider the utilization of tech stack tools, and learn about the functionalities of product-led business in sales.
  • Sales managers should spend time with non-top performers. Instead of just focusing on top-performing team members, leaders should spend time and invest in 'D' or 'C' level performers. They should help them improve or make stern decisions about their continuation, thus ensuring overall team performance.
  • Coaching to detail is very important in sales. The term 'micro-managing' tends to have a negative connotation but the concept of 'micro-coaching', involves coaching to details and minutiae. Sales leaders should focus on not just broader aspects but also specific areas that can improve performance.
  • Sales managers need to share feedback with their team regularly. Everyone wants to improve and they need both positive and negative feedback in order to make those improvements.
  • One of the common areas of feedback from top performers is their desire to reduce the 'noise' in a sales job, referring to tasks that detract from time spent with customers. Look for ways to eliminate administrative tasks that can be seen as distractions from the main sales tasks.
  • Sales tools like CRM platforms and conversational intelligence tools such as Gong or Chorus can be very effective if used properly. These tools can both help sales representatives become more efficient and contribute to a superior customer experience. Additionally, AI can be used to automate simple purchasing processes and provide customers with instant responses.
  • For newly promoted leaders, remembering that your responsibilities lie with your peers and superiors more than with your subordinates can help provide direction in early stages of management.
  •  Role segmentation can be beneficial in sales if the transition from one stage to another is smooth for the customer. Any obstacles in the communication flow could adversely affect both efficiency and customer experience.

Quote of the Show:
  • “We need to solve for a customer that's solving for us.” - Channing Ferrer 


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Decide on the D Players - Channing Ferrer - Coach2Scale - Episode # 027
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